Sources close to the MEP, would be ambassador and professional Admiral Ackbar lookalike Nigel Farage, say he is close to moving the the USA.

Apparently Nigel feels disappointed that in the wake of the Brexit vote he should have been carried triumphantly into 10 Downing Street on a carriage made from the zimmer frames of his supporters. And after his decisive speech supporting Donald Trump he should have at least been made chief fake tan applyer to the Trump administration. 

So he is going back to his humble man of the people roots as a wealthy city boy and setting up his own trading company specialising in stocks of Irony. 

An aide said, “Nigel’s move to the US to find work and a better life where his stupid views are appreciated and encouraged, will generate so much Irony that it can actually become a tradeable commodity.”

“Several British newspapers will immediately see their irony stock price soar.”