We won, get over it! has become the new mantra of choice for racists, according to the results of a new survey published today.

The phrase, which initially gained popularity following the Brexit vote in June, narrowly beat “Go back to your own country!” into second place, thanks largely to the recent Presidential election result.

“It’s punchy and to the point,” said local racist Darren Fudd, 34, “plus, given that the majority of brown people in the UK are actually British these days, it’s more relevant.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve shouted, ‘Go back to your own country!’ at Muslim women and children in the street, only for them to shout back that this is their country and then burst into tears. It just makes me look silly, especially when their English is better then mine.”

Many respondents highlighted that they found the phrase particularly useful in the workplace, where it could be used to win almost any argument.

One racist explained, “I went into work after the election last week and the new work experience girl, who’s French or Egyptian or something, made me a cup of tea and then asked what I thought of the result.

“I screamed, ‘We won, get over it!’ into her face repeatedly until she ran out of the door in tears, which is exactly what you’d expect from a Crooked Hillary-supporting Remoaner. Fucking libtard.”

Lead researcher, Prof. Graham Spigott, said that phrase allowed people who were “losers” in every other respect to feel that they had finally achieved something in their otherwise meaningless lives.

“Not everyone who voted for Brexit, or for Trump, is a racist, and to claim otherwise could potentially stifle the sort of debate we need to ensure that this sort of shit stops happening.

Though if someone gave me the opportunity to fire that grinning bell-end Nigel Farage into the sun, I’d press the button faster than you can say, ‘Opportunistic Nazi prick’.”