The controversial decision to hire Hugo Boss was openly discussed by The President-elect, Donald J. Trump, on Good Morning America yesterday during a catwalk segment.

When asked about his favourite clothing label, Mr. Trump, apparently oblivious to the historical impact of his statement said;

“You know, my favourite brand is Ivanka, I love to wear her. Wear her out, am I right? Seriously though, my wife usually picks out my clothing but we’re thinking of doing a uniform, we’re going to do a uniform. For my cabinet.”

When asked to elaborate by host Tyrone Teo Tyrell, Mr. Trump continued;

“I like smart, smart is good.  Look smart, think smart. A good buddy suggested I use a guy called Hugo Boss and I thought cool name, anyone who’s a boss is a friend of mine so we’re gonna get him, he’s gonna design the uniform and it’s gonna look real smart with a bald Eagle with its wings spread out.”

When asked where the idea came from Mr. Trump continued;

“Oh and hats, we’re gonna get hats. Captains wear hats and if you think about it we’ll be captaining this country onto biggly and betterer things. It was Nigel Farage’s idea and I think it’s a great one, I do. It’s gonna be great.”