Preparations for the commercialisation of an ancient pagan tradition were thrown into disarray today when importers of Halloween costumes reported that due to poor value of the pound, they were unable to procure enough Harley Quinn costumes to satisfy demand. 

The look of the latest iteration of the character, portrayed by Margot Robbie in the film Suicide Squad, is expected to be adopted this weekend by every female in the country aged between 16-50, in a vain attempt to look just as sexy as Miss Robbie, thereby providing a significant boost to the economy and tissue manufacturers. But financial conditions brought about by Brexit fears have thrown this plan into doubt.

Local woman Tracey Sandrasson, 45,  had this to say,

“There were 10 of us going to Blackpool on Saturday for our Chardonnay’s hen night. We were all gonna stuff ourselves into the hotpants, try not to need a pee all night and sexually assault some passers-by. But that’s not gonna happen now. That’s not what I voted Out for. I’ll have to go as a slutty zombie nurse now. What is this, 1985?”

The traditional female garb for Halloween parties since the middle ages, of trying to make a blood soaked schoolgirl look sexy, is now expected to be supplanted by tired attempts to make the crazy baseball bat wielding girlfriend of a psychotic serial killer clown look alluring.

However, it is expected to be marginally more successful than the traditional male garb of putting on a morph suit so everyone can see how tiny their package is.