American space go-getters NASA are said to be up in arms about budget restrictions while there is still enough money available to feed some children 3 meals a day.

“We’re never going to put a man on Mars if we waste money on things like curing cancer and feeding kids. Space exploration is expensive you know.”

In what seems like a crazy made up dream it is still the case that many kids do live comfortably and yet America still hasn’t hand planted a flag on any other planetary object other then the moon (allegedly).

We spoke to NASA geek Tom Hardcock who explained;

“It’s a bloody joke! We spend 365 days a year looking at the sky and thinking of things we can fire into orbit for no particular reason and it costs a goddam lot of money I can tell you. I mean fair do, African kids have done their bit but many kids across Europe and America are well fed which seems ridiculous when we haven’t landed a drone on Pluto yet.”

America plans to open no more schools or provide free health insurance until they put a man on Mars.