Friday 16th of September was World Ozone Day but residents of a care home in Rochdale have been getting hot under the collar after a case of mistaken identity.

“I was a free spirit in the sixties. I know where my o-zone is thank you” says Freda Marbles, 73, of Rochdale. “My kids might think I’m over the hill but I’ve still got it and I’m going to use it.”

“I didn’t realise there was such a thing as world o-zone day” whooped Dan Gleebals, 87, originally from Swingslow-by-Tinkleton in Dorset. “We used to call it the G-spot. I dont care what its called nowadays, I’m getting some and that’s all that matters.”

The peculiar misunderstanding has seen the burning of bras and support stockings.

Nursing staff have said that the residents’ morale has improved so much that they are thinking of making the celebration an annual event along with Mother’s Day, Christmas Day and Steak & Blow job day, all of which are already on the home’s calander of events.