So called ISIS or Islamic State today sensationally claimed responsibility for the destruction of the the Grain Power Station Chimney in Kent.

In a Facebook post of the group claiming to be “ISIS In Romford, Dagenham & Medway” their leader Abdul bin Asiz bin Hazar said:

“This blow will strike terror into the hearts of the British, and seriously damage their ability to provide Economy 7 overnight cheap electricity in the Kent, Essex & Suffolk tri-County region”

This is the first attack from the group which was formed on Facebook in the latter part of 2015. The page was formerly the timeline of Brian Canterbury, an unemployed Plasterer from Chigwell.

It is believed that he became radicalised after watching “4 Lions” without realising it was satire and is now committed to avenging the “Sheffield 4 Martyrs”.

It has so far been impossible to confirm the claims. However, Police have warned the public to be vigilant for a white man in his late 40’s with a long ginger beard shouting Islamic abuse out of the broken window of a brown Citroen BX.

Mr. Abdul bin Asiz bin Hazar was last seen emptying the bacon shelf at Tescos Extra in Chatham.