The Conservative Party and the conservative government have denied that the electoral boundary change proposals are an attempt to ensure a Conservative advantage.

“It’s just blatant paranoia,” said Lord Jerry Mandarin MBE, OBE, “It just so happens that the majority of seats to disappear are Labour. It’s not our fault that they happen to fall foul of the new rules that we made up. You know how much we care about fair democratic representation. That’s why we won’t consider PR or any variation of it!”

Around 30 Labour seats are set disappear, as opposed to half that am for the Tories.

“Well technically, I am against it,” said Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith, “but let me just check how much Corbyn support this will kill off before I give you a firm answer.”

The boffins behind the changes, were directed by critics to videos by CPG Grey which use facts to explain why our electoral system certainly is unfair and how this change will not change that.

“Oh you can prove anything with facts,” said Professor Tori Stooge from Bristol University, as she polished a bust of Margaret Thatcher, “We shall stick with our fudged workings out thanks.”