BBC sports anchor and part time Eddie Izzard lookalike Claire Balding is quite literally on the edge of making TV history by being the first sports presenter to reach sexual climax live on air.

Week one of the Rio Olympics saw the foreplay begin for Balding (44) as Adam Peaty got things really wet by claiming Gold for team GB in the pool, and since then they have quite literally been coming thick and fast.

But it’s been in the Velodrome where Balding’s been at her peak of sexual contentment. Each night viewers have seen her face becoming redder and redder, partly due to track temperature being kept at 30 degrees but on the most part because its been medal after medal after finger licking medal for our British Track team.

Horse loving Balding, who still wears her hair in tribute to the late Princess Diana, is expected to be tipped over the edge completely tomorrow when the team equestrian event begins, and if that wasn’t enough the prospect of multiple orgasms is extremely high as straight after comes the women’s wrestling.

Our advice is to keep children away from the TV and snuggle up close with your loved one and enjoy the show.