Merkin-topped braggart and presidential candidate Donald Trump is demanding that extreme vetting become an accepted Olympic sport.

Although media have interpreted his remarks on extreme vetting as a call for immigration control on brown people, Mr Trump explained today that he was in fact referring to the practice of treating animals on mountainsides, while jumping out of planes and riding on snowboards.

“The crooked, Hilary owned media are so dishonest. I know about extreme sports. I am the greatest extreme sportist. Nobody knows extreme sports more than me.” said the business mogul and daughter-touching knob gob, I was referring to veterinary practice whilst doing crazy things but the media, the media don’t want you to know the truth. I know truth. I am the best at truth. No one is more truthier than me. I am very, very rich. And truthy.”

This is in addition to his demand to have wall building and back-pedalling added to the Olympic roster.