There was jubilation in Rochdale this afternoon as Clifford Savile Associates PLC announced their entry into the FTSE 250 for the first time.

The news follows their recent multi-million pound crisis management contract with serial dickhead Simon Danczuk, a middle-aged self publicist, pornography enthusiast and MP for Rochdale.

“It’s really amazing to win the contract to try to repair Simon Danczuk’s public image. It’s like somebody has parked a cash machine on my lawn. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do with all of this money.” Jimmy Clifford, one half of Max Savile associates, told us.

Simon Danczuk has been on a one man mission in recent years to destroy the myth that no publicity is bad publicity.

“I don’t really know where to start really. The man just has terrible, terrible judgement. Just awful, I mean just look at Karen Danczuk, she’s dreadful. It’s a dream come true really.” Added Max Savile joint Managing Director.

It really has been an awful few years for MP impersonator Danczuk which has included everything from pornography gaffes, sexting, kiss and tells and creative expenses.