Quite why the public aren’t offended by the white, middle class family trying to buck the immigration system is baffling academics as anti-immigration campaigners are strangely quiet about an Australian family who came to the UK on a student visa with no intention of ever leaving.

The family quite readily admit that this is the case and they had intended to use a scheme that was scrapped just before they arrived. However after realising that they couldn’t do that any more they tried to use the European Convention On Human Rights to get them legal grounds to stay.

Australia isn’t really considered a particularly awful regime. At least not in comparison to 140 other countries.

“It’s really quite bizarre,” said Dr Ian Glibb of Rochdale Community University, “Just a few weeks ago a bloke from Afghanistan was in the news for the exact same thing and there was outrage and calls for him to jailed, shot or fed to rabid badgers.”

So far neither Britain First nor UKIP have called for their immediate removal and/or execution.

We’re baffled.