A local Nun from Sacred Heart Church in Rochdale could soon become famous for a world record attempt if, with the help of The Rochdale Herald, she can find enough helpers to smash the current record.

Sacred Heart in Rochdale has long been in need of a new roof but with dwindling congregation numbers and falling donations the situation has become pretty desperate.

Sister Fanny Nicentite, a part-time nun from Rochdale, came up with the audacious plan to raise the £150,000 needed to replace the aging wattle and daub roof of Sacred Heart.

“It came to me in a vision, it’s what Jesus wants.” Sister Nicentite told us with a gleam in her eye.

The record attempt, sponsored by Pfizer and WD40, will try to break the record currently held by Lisa Sparks of Kentucky for most sexual partners in one day. Lisa’s record of 919 has stood since 2004. The biggest challenge for Sacred Heart will be finding the 1,000 men required for the record attempt.

“I’m not going to lie, that’s going to be tough.” Father Kilpatrick told us. “Our congregation numbers aren’t particularly great at the moment. We have 11 men in our congregation and only three of them are single, widowed actually, and they’re well, frankly, thank God for Pfizer, that’s all I’m saying.”

The appeal for “volunteers” has so far attracted the highest numbers of visitors the Sacred Heart’s Facebook page has ever experienced with almost 200 visitors to the church’s newsfeed in the last three weeks.

Potential participants and sponsors can reach Sister Nicentite at Sacredheartneedsanewroof@church.com.

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