UKIP were forced to admit today that big words like “joke” and “obvious” are generally beyond their grasp.

The announcement came after a social media poo storm followed the announcement by Bromley UKIP Councillor Terry “Numbnuts” Nathan that it was time that those who voted for and continue to support the UK remaining an EU nation were shot. Without warning.

A UKIP councillor reading Nathan’s “joke”

The UKIP response was that it was an obvious joke.

Given that no comedian seemed to recognise in what sense it could be considered a joke of any form, it quickly became apparent that UKIP don’t understand what a joke is or indeed the meaning of obvious.

“It’s elitism to criticise us for not understanding these difficult, intellectual concepts,” said Raydon Cistwat, a spokesman for Rochdale UKIP Supporters Society, “most of us are still trying to work out what thumbs are for!”