After England fought back to secure a well earned win against Australia yesterday, Australian batsman said that England “Cheated” by “Bowling really fast and batting really well”

Smith who has just returned to Test Cricket after being banned for “conventional cheating” after using sandpaper in a cricket ball to alter its performance. He was forced to retire after being legally hit by a couple of bouncers from Joffrey Archer.

Smith said “It’s unfair for England to up thier game. Joffre Archer bowled, what can only be described as perfent lines and lengths. We had little answer to that and that’s so unfair. Apart from me, the Australia batting line up are weak and pathetic. This is no longer a level playing field and I call for the ICC to ban players like Archer and Stokes, or at the very least, force them to wear wellies when playing ”

England play Australia again on Thursday. We asked some of the England team to comment, but they refused because they were too busy practicing. We told Steve Smith this and he said” That’s so bloody typical of the cheating bastards”