Parisian fire fighters are currently battling a roaring fire at the Notre Dame cathedral.

The fire has caused one of the medieval spires and a large section of the gothic roof to collapse.

Early reports suggest the outbreak of fire in the bell tower of 14th century cathedral was accidental.

The physically disabled resident of the bell tower, a Mr Modo, said he had been ringing the evening bells as usual, but had left his chip pan unattended. What was supposed to be his supper turned into a small fire.

“I panicked and called for help” explained Mr Modo, “A gypsy was nearby jemmying lead tiles from the cathedral roof and heard my cries for water.  She attempted to quench the flames, but it only made it worse”.

Captain De Châteaupers of the Parisian Fire fighters offered this advice; “You should never leave a chip pan unattended and, in the event of a fire, never pour water onto the flames.  You should smother the pan with a damp cloth or use a foam extinguisher.”