The Rochdale branch of the English Defence League face fresh controversy this week after an embarrassing mishap at the annual members Halloween party.

“We’ve had some bad press recently and the annual Halloween fancy dress party has historically caused a bit of an uproar” said Gaz Trotter, EDL branch treasurer.
Past costume choices that caused a stir include Suicide bombers, and Nazi SS uniforms. This year Gaz explained he organised the event and expressly told all attendees to wear traditional costumes to avoid incident; suggestions included skeletons, witches and Frankenstein monsters etc…”

“Unfortunately, it seems nearly everyone had the same idea and it resulted in our local working men’s club being filled with two dozen blokes dressed as spooky ghosts.”

We asked Gaz whether he thought a large gathering of EDL members dressed in white robes and hoods gave the community the right message.”

“Now I want to be perfectly clear, the EDL is not a racist organisation. We are inclusive and even have a black member; Joe. He is the guy over by the bar dressed as a zombie with a noose around his neck.”

Several complaints have already been logged to the local PCSO who have visited the party and given a warning.

“It’s been a bit of a disaster to be honest, they’ve told us to wrap it up and to go home. Shame really as we have only just gotten the bonfire going.”

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