Vice President of the US, Mike Pence, has finally come out – with a statement that may shock many Republicans.

President Trump joked a year ago, when referring to his deputy’s stance on homosexuality, that he ‘wants to hang them all’. It transpires that this may not be the case and Pence would perhaps prefer an alternative approach.

While it is still unclear whether Mike Pence prefers his gay men to be ‘hung’ (as many people suspect), sources claim he made comments in a Whitehouse meeting that suggests he may not have been advocating the lynching of gay people.

Pence is alleged to have stated in the meeting, ‘Anyone who engages in an act of homosexuality should be stoned; there are no ifs ands or butts [sic]. Were I to partake in any hypothetically homosexual behaviour, then it would only be right that I should be stoned’.

Mike Pence has previously opposed the legalisation of marijuana, so it is, thus far, not certain if he is advocating it’s use for acts of sexual congress between consenting, grown adults, or not.