In a surprise move today London councillors have confirmed plans to demolish the home of 78 year old Mr Osborn-Brooks and in its place start construction of a memorial garden to the dead burglar, Henry Vincent.

The initial plans feature a statue of Mr Vincent complete with ‘swag bag’ over his shoulder, a screwdriver clasped in his right hand along with a small water feature, fairy lights and a bench.

Whilst local residents are up in arms over the plans, friends of the career burglar say it’s what he would have wanted and will be a fitting way to remember a man who died doing what he loved, stealing from vulnerable pensioners.

London Police chiefs have also backed the idea saying “it’s really the only sensible solution at the moment. People are grieving and keep erecting tributes at the site only for the sensible local residents to tear them down as they see it as bad taste, so this way there will be a proper place to lay flowers and cards and small items of Gypsy tat and we won’t have to keep policing the site wasting valuable man hours.”

If the current plans are agreed then work is expected to begin as early as the end of May, with talks also of a possible name change of the area from South Park Crescent to Vincent’s Avenue also on the table.