A Rochdale man has received praise worldwide for the noble idea of celebrating International Women’s Day by boldly telling no sexist jokes for the entire day.

High ranking Crayola salesman Manfred Ladabie, 36, who spends most of his time getting a hard on over younger women he can only ‘bang’ in his feverish imagination, or in strip clubs ‘on a mad weekend with the lads’ took the bold step last year of ceasing doing a sexism for just 24 hours, and confirmed he has plans to do so again – although he confessed to finding the going extremely tough.

‘It’ll be difficult.’ Ladabie explained. ‘Last year, her indoo… the miss… Charlotte bent down right in front of me to pick something up, and I had to resist the urge to say ‘while you’re down there, love!’, and I didn’t once ask ‘If you’re about equality, where is International Men’s day then?’. It felt good, mainly because I got a right good seeing too at the end of the day – am I right fellas?!’

When asked how he would cope during this enforced abstinence for the greater good of women’s rights/getting his end away, Ladabie confirmed discretion is key.

‘As soon as that clock hits midnight, I’ll be back on it, but in the interim I’ll be drawing a pair tits in the back of a notepad at work to fill the void.’ He smiled.

‘Besides, you can still tell racist jokes if you know a person from that background, which I don’t, but it ain’t international no racism day is it? Grow a pair’