We don’t care if you’ve heard this joke before, because for us, it Feels Like The First Time.

Dirty White Boy fan club Britain First have slammed Foreigner for it being Cold as Ice.

This Foreigner is a Long, Long Way from Home here in Britain. The group’s guilty secret crush leader with the decent rack, Paul Golding, said present weather conditions are a sign Urgent action is needed.

“We need to stop being a soft touch. Enough hippy left wing nonsense, it’s time to be Down on Love. Say What You Will, but we’ve had enough, and it is time to move from Reaction to Action.”

“Britain Can’t Wait.” he rambled. “It’s essential that our Heart Turns to Stone. You know I’m a true patriot. I’ll Fight For You, Until the End of Time, but we have to shut the borders to snowflakes before it is Too Late.

“Anyway, Jayda, I’ve been Waiting for a Girl Like You, to help me Break It Up.”

Jayda Fransen, famous for her Head Games after the troglodyte support group’s 19 men and a dog rallies, added “We need to get President Trump over here. I want to be a Starrider. I’m Hot Blooded. Women need a Night Life and I Want To Know What Love Is.”

If the tangerine faced American does visit, Jayda is expected to fight Tooth and Nail with married-man-in-a-field shagging Ketty Hopkins for who gets the first opportunity to get Lowdown and Dirty with every racist’s Juke Box Hero.