Reports have been across all of the mainstream press today regarding the Moors murderer, Ian Brady’s remains being buried at sea.

A shock report that we have received here at the Rochdale Herald gives a very different story.

Our source, no doubt at great personal danger, told us that Brady’s remains had actually been fired into space using a massively expensive prototype rocket.
When we asked him why this was the case, and why had the remains not simply been buried at sea his answer may shock you.
“The Government arranged it because they could, and they wanted to spend your taxes.”

The serial killer, Ian Brady died aged 79 on the 15th May this year and was meant to be buried without any ceremony.
What actually happened was that his remains were carefully loaded into a lead lined urn and placed in a prototype rocket, which was then launched secretly late last night, from an unconfirmed area in the North West of England.

The ashes were then dispersed outside of the Earth’s orbit, and the lead lined container will now drift off into space.

No one that we contacted regarding the story wished to comment, apart from one frustrated worker who said the following, off the record.

“Oh good grief, you haven’t been talking to *Name deleted for our sources protection* have you? He is a bloody loony! None of that is true, none of it. Now please stop calling here, can you leave me to eat my pasty in peace please? I only get half an hour lunch.”

Will we ever know the truth?