Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly started worrying that he might actually be a bit of a dick.

Sources close to Putin have revealed that the Russian leader has recently started asking whether there might be ‘moral issues’ around having his opponents murdered and invading neighbouring countries, adding that he was starting to wonder whether ‘I’m such a good guy after all’.

Our sources in Moscow reveal that Putin recently had a ‘eureka moment’ whilst watching the carpet bombing of Aleppo on TV. Putin reportedly told his aids that the bombing was ‘so horrible – somebody should stop it’ before being reminded that he had ordered the attacks himself around five hours earlier.

Putin has also started questioning the morality of some of his allies, such as Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov. He’s apparently noted that ‘someone told me that those guys torture and kill people’ before asking ‘isn’t that what the evil guys do in the movies?’

In addition the Russian leader is apparently having second thoughts about new American President Donald Trump, who he assisted during the election campaign. Putin recently told one of his advisers that ‘I thought Donald was a morally upstanding, family man’, but is getting concerned that ‘I might have misjudged his character’.

So far the Kremlin has refused to comment publically on these reports.

We did send a journalist to Moscow to investigate the matter further, but we’ve been having trouble getting hold of him over the last couple of weeks.