A RSPCA spokesman in Nantwich is urgently looking for 45 ‘new residents rescued from what he described as ‘the biggest bunny farm they had ever had to deal with’.

The Bunnies, many of them sisters, are currently being looked after at RSPCA Stapeley Grange in Nantwich, after arriving in the centre’s care for the second time through no fault of their own.

They first arrived at the centre because of their previous owner’s ill health but were returned to their Beverley Hills home when he recovered. However, their owner has subsequently passed away and the burden has fallen on to the RSPCA to care for them until ‘forever homes’ can be found.

Steve Leigh, manager of the home, said: “Charlie and Cherry are such lovely Bunnies who just haven’t had much luck in finding a permanent new home, and it is such a shame. We have never had so many at the same time.

“Also Crystal, Piper, Chantel & Lulu. The majority of these Bunnies are friendly and can be re-homed either together or with other Bunnies already living with owners. They are aged between 18 and 21 and want nothing more than to have a lovely new home where they can curl up on a comfy sofa together.

“Many will need to be rehomed together as they have never been apart. Cherry is quite timid, so it is good for her to have Charlie around. However, these two would also need to be rehomed as house Bunnies and with no wives in the house.

“We just know that the perfect owner is out there for them and will give them the lovely home that they deserve.”

The Bunny facility is currently full because of the size of the rescue. The RSPCA are also appealing for help with the cost of rehoming so many Bunnies, even if members of the public don’t think their wives will let them keep one

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