Have you had an accident that wasn’t your fault and that could net you £thousands in compensation? No? Well do you want one?

Today the Rochdale Herald launches its TripsAdvisor App – telling you the closest place where you could get the slight injury or minor inconvenience that could get you lots of someone else’s money that YOU deserve!

That’s right….with a simple click (but not too many – we don’t want you making a claim on us for Repetitive Strain Injury!!!) you can discover the nearest ‘Compo-tunity’ for you to make a small fortune. Feature of TripsAdvisor include;

* All paving stones in Rochdale protruding more than 2.6cm

* Slippy surfaces in Springfield Park

* The addresses of car drivers aged over 70

* Pavements not quite wide enough for a double push-chair

These location based services connect directly to the camera on your smart-phone and allow you to stream your accident live to our panel of professional para-sorta-legal call centre workers.

It’s never been easier to claim the someone-else’s-money that YOU DESERVE Available at the App Store Now!