Trump has confirmed that the status of ‘Special Relationship’ means that he basically ignores any request that Prime Minister May might ask of him such as ‘Please can you ask Boeing to drop their legal action against Bombardier?’ and then, if he’s not waving it at Kim Jong-Un, present his dick, point at it and tell her to ‘Suck on that’.

The latest development in the UK/US Special Relationship has seen aerospace giant Boeing use the WTO and US Department of Commerce to triple the cost overnight of, relative minnow, Bombardier’s Type C aircraft to be supplied to Delta Airlines.

Whilst the claim of anti-competitive government subsidies is somewhat dubious, seeing that Boeing showed not the slightest interest in fulfilling Delta’s request for this type of aircraft and there is most definitely a whiff of double standards considering Boeing’s history, the legal action has been allowed to continue with an immediate and punitive tariff applied which puts at risk potentially tens of thousands of jobs at Bombardier and their supply chain in Northern Ireland.

A spokesman for Number 10 confirmed that the Prime Minister would be making a statement over the issue as soon as she has been able to get the hair out of the back of throat. A written statement was issued in the meanwhile: “The UK Government is excited by this latest development which shows how fickle trade agreements between Nations using the WTO can be. After we have left the EU we can look forward to more of the same and enjoy being bent over and shafted by a great number of countries, not just the US”

Although we’ve also been unable to find anyone who had the slightest inkling of what they actually do, considering the subject matter in question, we approached the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills and the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform for comment but they were unable to give an interview as they were all too busy looking for Northern Ireland on their map of the World (London and the Home Counties, 1956).