The Governor of Puerto Rico, Jorge Aliouet sent an urgent appeal to Prime Minotaur Theresa May tonight.

The island of Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Marie and the biggest problem is that the island has been completely blacked out by a total power cut.

Mr Aliouet said, “As an island, we have been left totally without power. We are therefore seeking advice from a country currently internationally reknowned for being powerless. We are encouraged further by Mr May’s personal experience of being without effective power though obviously, unlike in our situation, much of the UK’s state of powerlessness is self-inflicted. We do not wish, as a proud island state, to exhibit powerlessness. We must be powerlessnessless.”

A Downing Street spokesman said that Mr Aliouet’s appeal would be personally attended to by David Davis, the Minister for International Impotence.

As Mr Davis is currently mainlining the equivalent of political viagra in the hope of affecting a change of job title to Minister for International Potency, he’s not expected to respond rapidly, but he will set up a new department to produce position papers for Puerto Rico.

The papers will explain to Mr Aliouet how Mr Davis runs his department, which he does without any real power too.

In the interim the Puerto Ricans are advised to read the complete canon of tweets by President Trump. This should keep them warm inside while they want for guidance from the British government.

Alternately, they could just watch Ms May give her speech in Italy tomorrow, as it will be a living example of the life without power.