Every now and then a new fad will infect society and be scoffed at by decent people, until it fades away into the abyss, where it belongs. With the continuous rise of social media and stupidity of individuals, more inept trends keep rearing their ugly heads to be photographed and recorded, ironically, of course.

The type of people leading the way with these inane crazes is the hipsters, the sort of person who rides a penny-farthing and uses a traditional type-writer to be “retro”. The need for new crazes every other week is somewhat saturating the market and becoming more difficult to be a hipster, while pretending it takes no effort at all.

Bearded and trilby-wearing, Thomas Finningley-Watkins, who insisted on taking his partner’s name, as well as having his talk to the Herald in his cereal cafe. Finningley-Watkins said; “It used to be fun, coming up with alternative lifestyle ideas, just to see the look on people’s faces. All the hipsters are losers who know they are being tools, they do it to stand out, because their personality is lacking so badly. Now, with Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, there is just so much that fans expect and only so much pretending to like quinoa we can do. It is so exhausting doing it all the time. I wish I had just become a plumber, like my Dad, but I have all my money tied up in this café.”

This vaping, lumber-jack shirt wearing businessman has been exceptionally brave and risks being shunned by his fellow dicks.

The one saving grace is that it may be seen as “mainstream”, so the others may decide to actually strengthen their fondness of him.

Hopefully, for Thomas, with more people living online lives, living an ordinary life may soon be accepted as the next, must-have oddball fashion accessory.