Donald Trump has applied to have the address of his Mar-a-Lago changed from Palm Beach to Tampa Bay, ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irma on the Gulf Coast.

Planning documents published by the windswept retirement home previously known as the State of Florida reveal that renowned chocolate cake expert Trump fast-tracked the process in order to have it finalised ahead of Irma’s landfall in in the United States.

The reason for the move is unclear. However, it is thought it is so that Trump, who is still the American president, will use his Florida (Twinned with Atlantis) address to try and connect with those victims of the recent storms that has swept America. This will help the Trump continue to stretch the definition of ‘first-hand experience’ that he tested after learning about conditions in Houston, Texas by talking to people via Twitter.

It may also be purely for insurance purposes, so he can claim money for non-existent storm damage.

Gail Blower, from Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce said: “We are very proud that President Trump wants to be connected with the Tampa Bay area in this time of crisis. Of course, we’d appreciate it further if he was actually here with us as part of the rescue and relief effort, rather than in The White House. However, that’s where he’s hidden from everything else this year.”

All other residents of Tampa Bay evacuated in order to avoid being interviewed.