President Donald Trump has been awarded the International Thundercunt of the Year Award following his decision to remove protections for young people brought into the US when they were children. 

The award is presented annually to individuals and groups whose actions are deemed to have brought untold and unnecessary suffering to the international community. Previous recipients include Adolf Hitler, the so-called Islamic State, and Simon Cowell.

“Donald Trump has been on our radar for several years now, but his actions since taking office have really pushed him into the realm of the true thundercunt,” said award organiser, James Edwards.

“His behaviour during the build-up to the election was pretty cunty and it has increased exponentially since he entered the White House – trying to start wars on Twitter, supporting Nazis, destroying environmental protections, implementing illegal travel bans, discriminating against transgender people, you name it, he’s doing it.

“His decision to scrap the Deferred Action for Children Act (DACA) and effectively tell 800,000 young people to go fuck themselves was really just the cunty cherry on the cake.”

Implemented by Barack Obama in 2012, the DACA was introduced to protect the rights of undocumented migrants brought into the US as young children. The Trump administration defended their decision to rescind the program, saying that it sent out the wrong message to the American people.

“The overwhelming majority of individuals protected by the DACA are decent law-abiding citizens, many of whom make a valuable and indispensable contribution to both our economy and our society as a whole,” said White House spokesman, Brad Wankstein.

“That is simply unacceptable. How dare these bastards come into our country and behave in a manner that makes it hard for the President to discriminate against them during his rallies?!

“If he can’t stereotype them all as drug-dealing rapists then I’m afraid that there’s really no room for them in this country.”

President Trump is yet to comment on the award, though he has allegedly been seeking assurances that the audience for his presentation ceremony will be bigger than the one present when it was received by Vladimir Putin.