The world is not going to hell in a handcart, it’s going in a speeding fucking Formula 1 Ferrari, according to Bésemecula Adiós, professor of political philosophy at Rochdale University. 

According to Professor Adios, The world has rarely ever been ruled overwhelmingly by as many mentally deficient leaders as there are in the world today.

“Of course there have been times of great chaos and war, but rarely have there been times when one set of knobheads have not been offset by an equally balanced group of lesser knobheads”, he said.

“For every Hitler and Mussolini there was a Churchill and a Roosevelt.”

But look at the world today…totally unbalanced and deficient knobs at every corner of the globe.

France has a leader with an Oedipus complex, Germany’s one who grew up thinking dumplings were a treat, Venezuela and the Phillipines murderous thugs, North Korea an insane asylum escapee…the list goes on and on.

The Donald, Putin, somebody Chinese, Erdogan, Raul Castro; evil or insane or both, said Adios.

“We might as well all bend over and kiss our arses good-bye.”

In England they are toasting their poor, but not with champagne.

India is launching rockets into space while people starve in the streets, and the less said about Mugabe in Zimbabwe and other areas of Africa the better.

“What the world needs is for all these left-wing, right wing and parson-nosed dim wits, whether they are Christians, Muslims, Jews, whatever, to crawl off into a corner and die! Fucking cockroaches”, said Professor Adios.

“It doesn’t really matter who replaces all these idiots, except of course mugwumps like Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson, if we are going to slow our descent into hell.”

“We need new nut cases now.”