God bothering Stephen Fry to be stoned to death for blasphemy, the pure gobshite


Stephen Fry has been summoned to appear in the Irish Courts to face the charge of breaching the Irish Defamation Act.

It comes after the Garda completed their investigation into alleged blasphemy during a 2015 TV interview with Gay Byrne.

The interview, which is brilliant, clearly shows Fry criticising God, an act that is outlawed on The Emerald Isle. The situation has quickly gone arseways after a complaint was made.

“I was so cheesed-off at the cheek of it, I near to choked on me black stuff”

“Sure look it. I’m surprised The Holy Father didn’t strike the gobshite down for acting the maggot. I mean bejesus, t’was pure savage! How dare the filthy bogger come to this blessed land and spew his venomous logic filled shite against the lord. Is the gowl scuttered?!” asked Father Patrick O’Sweary of County Cork.

“God willing the Shades gi the chancer a rare baytin, to be sure!”

Stephen Fry faces a fine of €25,000 and the requirement for him to publicly flagellate himself outside of Dublin cathedral.

If Fry does not repent his sin of Blasphemy, then under the guidance of the book of Leviticus he shall hence be taken to Brickfield park and stoned to death by the congregation.

To be sure.