From worthy issues such as International Women’s Day to cultural stereotypes like National Tea Day, it seems like every day is “something” Day.

Just about anything you can imagine, there’s a day for it; and people are getting sick of it.

In a recent poll, 86% of people said they were confused by all the different days about things, and 74% of those surveyed said they were fed up of hearing that today was Something-Or-Other Day.

Well, one day a year at least, the people will be able to escape from all that. The government have announced plans to introduce a new bank holiday, National Nothing Day, as a counterbalance to this.

All shops and public services will be closed, and everybody will be encouraged to stay at home and do absolutely nothing.

“It will be good for morale,” the Prime Minister explained, “a chance for people to recharge their batteries, not use up valuable energy.  A special day where they don’t feel like the slaves they are. So that’s why we’re making April 31st National Nothing Day.”

Well, it’s not a Something-Or-Other Day, that’s certain.