Shock today as Britain First leader Paul Golding announced he is to marry EDL chief, Ian Crossland.

Although the pair often claim to support gay rights, particularly when opposed by perceived Muslim oppressors, it has come as a surprise to many of their supporters.

An onlooker described the moment saying :

“Their eyes met across a sea of St George flags and it was clearly love at first sight. It didn’t take long until they were finishing each other’s hate speeches, choking down on either end of a jumbo battered sausage like a patriotic Lady and the Tramp, until their Neolithic jaws met in a tender but greasy kiss.”

They’re hoping their families will join together and create the confusingly named Britain and England Defence League First: a sort of far-right McBusted with a similar projection of success.

Jayda Fransen was unhappy with the arrangement but luckily her protests could not be heard as her forced kitchen dwelling was all the way down the hall.

Neither Ian or Paul were available for statement as they are currently enjoying their “honeymoon period” in a Travelodge.

The date for the ceremony is yet to be announced.