A Rochdale man has been kidnapped by US intelligence services and sent to Guantanamo Bay after he complained to his local Barclays Bank about high overdraft charges.

Quentin D. Fortesqueue, editor of The Rochdale Herald, has not been seen by family or friends since Friday afternoon when he visited the bank concerned about a £20 charge made for exceeding the paper’s agreed overdraft limit. Following what was described by a witness as a minor altercation, he was bundled into the back of a van, driven at high speed to Rochdale International Airport, dressed in orange coveralls and flown by a CIA plane direct to Guantanamo Bay.

The manager of Barclays Rochdale branch, Mr Reginald Waterboard, said: “Mr Fortesqueue was unhappy about bank charges and made some comments about bankers and bonuses which I thought were dangerous and seditious. I asked for help from American law enforcement and he is now being taught the error of his ways.”

This is the first time a Barclays Bank customer has been subject to rendition. His family have been told that he is now facing  additional bank charges for his airfare, the overalls, and the electricity used in the shock machine.