Scandal has hit the beleaguered former political party, the Labour Party, this morning after a kangaroo court voted to suspend the dead Rastafarian singer Bob Marley for anti-semitism.

“You can’t just go around throwing words around like Zion, that’s anti-Semitic.” A spokesman for Tom Watson told The Herald.

“Just saying the word Zion, or worse singing it, brings shame on the Labour Party and we should dig up Bob’s corpse and make him stand trial for his crimes.”

The news comes on the back of the news and that the Labour Party has suspended the suspended Ken Livingstone from the Labour Party for saying the word Zionism on the Radio without written permission from Labour HQ.

“It’s a travesty, writing the word Zion down, recording it on a song about an Ethiopian bloke and then allowing it to be released on an EP thirty years after you’ve died. It’s an affront to the values of the Labour Party and Marley should be made to pay for his crimes.”

The Tories are still pushing their austerity agenda and cutting benefits for dementia sufferers, in case anybody is interested.