Every Premier Inn in the country is changing their locks tonight, whilst Lenny Henry hosts Red Nose Day on the BBC.

Mr. Henry was the face of Premier Inn for several years, until a loop hole in his contract allowed him to live in them indefinitely, for free.

Manager of The Premier Inn in Birmingham, Ted Sleep, said; “Lenny came for one night in 2010 after his split from Dawn French. He said he’d pay the following day and because he starred in our advertising campaign and he’s well known, we allowed it.”

He continued; “But in the morning he came down waving his contract and telling us we were fucked. The next five years were absolute hell with his 3 am Trevor McDonald impressions. We finally got rid of him two years ago on Red Nose Day when we changed the lock on his room.”

After his eviction, Mr. Henry reportedly trawled the country staying at different Premier Inns, always clutching his contract.

Company spokesman Jon Shush said; “He’s taking the fucking piss that twat. Changing the locks at all our locations is extreme and will cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds, but we can’t keep losing customers because Lenny keeps waking them up at two in the morning and showing them pictures of starving children. It’s not fucking on.

We’ve been planning this for two years since Ted had the idea.”