A local member of one of the world’s 4200 religions is utterly convinced that his is the correct one.  

Stating confidently that “It is, innit?”, a Rochdale resident proceeded to explain to exasperated passengers waiting for the 447 bus to Falinge that his religion was the sole arbiter of truth in the universe.

When pressed on the matter, the single man in his early twenties pointed to the evidence in his self-referencing book of choice, seemingly unaware of the hundreds of alternate holy books which directly contradict it, as well as the thousands of earlier holy writings on which it was based.

Undeterred by the other passengers’ efforts to sit as far away from him as possible on the short, but now socially-awkward journey, the young man continued to imply that non-believers would suffer eternal torment, but it wasn’t too late for the attractive recent arrival from Poland to convert as she had “the right look” about her anyway.

When the young man finally alighted the bus near Spotland Mill, alone, a ripple of nervous laughter swept the aisles. The Polish woman was patted on the back by a pensioner named Doris and it was generally agreed that the man had been a “bit of a nightmare.”

Having also originally wanted to get off at Spotland Mill, the Polish woman was then forced to wait for the next stop and walk back an extra couple of kilometers, all the while feeling paranoid.

This she did without complaint because she considers herself a guest here and doesn’t like to make a fuss.