Prince William and Kate Middleton are to take a break from producing sovereigns for the Royal Mint and tour North Korea.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has personally arranged the trip, most likely by accident.

Mr. Johnson apparently arranged the trip in a fit of pique after his German counterpart questioned whether or not he was merely in office so he could irredeemably screw up in full view of the public?

The royal couple will begin their one week blindfolded excursion in Pyongyang. They will be closely guarded day and night in case they accidentally mention the internet.
Highlights of the week are expected to be some food, the state flushing toilet and three hundred and forty seven opportunities to view a cardboard rocket.

It is hoped the tour will shore up British soft power ahead of Brexit negotiations. It is also anticipated Wills will lay the groundwork for a future free trade deal with Kim Jong-un.

Liam Fox is giddy at the prospect of selling a Japanese car to North Korea in 2019. Such a deal would more than compensate for any loss of European market share post Brexit.

Ms May has asked the couple to bring back tips on how to maintain a subservient population rather than a bottle of duty free Bailey’s.

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