A British expat has hailed Parliament’s rejection of EU citizens’ right to stay in the UK post Brexit.

Speaking from beside his swimming pool at his luxurious Marbella villa, Ken ‘Fingers’ McKray, 54, an import-exporter and former nightclub owner, said, “They come over, steal our jobs or make no contribution to our country and then expect to stay. Them Romanians just nick stuff then send the money back to the rest of their thieving families. I bet most of ’em are living in luxury.”

His wife Queenie, 42,32,41, added, “Yeah, and them Eastern European tarts just lay on their backs all day, some of them making five grand a week – and no tax, of course.”

McKray said that they should all go back to their own countries where they can make a proper contribution. “Then they won’t be a drain on our resources, on our NHS, schools, or on the filth, er, you get my point. By the way, if anyone asks, you ain’t seen me, right.

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