Andy Edge, a former Stockport English Defence League leader convicted of violent disorder at a 2014 protest, was pictured giving the thumbs up with UKIP’s NHS hating, vile hate preacher, Paul Nuttall.

In a statement, an EDL spokesperson distanced themselves from the right wing racist organisation saying; “I know we’re well known for hating Muslims but some of the things Nuttall says are just beyond the pale.”

Links were drawn between the UKIP leader and the EDL leadership in Liverpool but the EDL have strenuously denied that Nuttall is a member, stating that “To have such extremists amongst our ranks would be nothing short of an embarrassment.”

Edge, in a personal statement released to the press, said “there were about 9 people at the last demo so it’s hard to know who everyone is.

“In future I’ll be more aware of who gets a selfie with me.”