Cannabis plants have been uncovered at ‘Bright Horizons’ home for the elderly, Kirkholt, this morning.

Police describe the haul as a kick in the teeth for old timer Jack Jacobs aka ‘Dentures’.

One eye witness said “It was like Sherwood Forest in there!”

Suspicions were raised by care staff when the smell of urine was overpowered by that of marijuana. Staff also noticed residents were acting more peculiar than usual. Manager Jane Riley said “I found it odd that once spritely old ladies were now spending large amounts of time in their chairs, eyes glazed like cherry buns, demanding re-runs of Bergerac and profiteroles by the bucket load.”

Bob Miller a resident at Bright Horizons said “Eh? Camel FARM?” Whilst OAP Mick Edwards denied all knowledge “WHACKY BACKY? Oh no, no.”

Claims that Spice was also discovered in a pair of Y Fronts by a cleaner are now being investigated by police.

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