A recent survey of lobotomised knuckle dragging fuck nuggets revealed that they are fighting against the values that they themselves hold most dear.

We caught up with one of the  participants, Baz ‘Smiff’, a UKIP supporter who wants to remain anonymous, from 36 Sycamore Drive, Salford,  who said;

“Sharia law is well bad innit, them who tell us we ‘av to ‘av it should be ‘unged for being traitors like nonces and murderers ‘an that”.

He continued; “It’s mad innit, proper medieval shit. Did you know them muslamics want to cut people’s hands off? Its sick, barbaric even. The only people who should have their hands cut off are thieving fucking scumbags.”

We asked Mr. Smith’s girlfriend Cindy to comment but he told her ‘to keep her opinions to herself’ and to ‘go and put tea on’.