The owner of a Rochdale takeaway shop that delivered a bag of brown heroin to an ailing customer, along with their dinner, has said reaction to it has been “absolutely crazy”.

The Happy Haddock Fish and Chip Shop revealed the unusual order request on Friday. The post has been liked more than 11,000 times and has attracted over 1,000 comments.

Owner Alan Touchy said they had since received further unusual requests.

“We’ve had a few strange comments since, but we just ignore it and carry on,” he told the Herald.

The online order asked the driver to stop and get a bag of smack.

“I’ll give you the money, I’m bustin for a fukkin fix,” it added.

Mr Feeley said it came in on a busy Friday night and staff initially laughed, but decided it would be the right thing to get it for the customer.

“They ordered a pizza meal with it, but I think he was a bit under the weather, he wanted the smack more than the food,” he said.

“It actually stated that on the comments.”

The shop also said on Facebook that they would send a few dozen needles and a bag of citric acid as well, free of charge.

He replied: “Yous are real angels. Have youse got any more smack?”

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