Rochdale religious groups are screaming red white and blue murder over a proposed ban on the traditional Santa suit.

This follows the New Year outrage in Turkey when in the early hours of New Year’s Day a terrorist dressed as Santa machine gunned a crowd of revellers in a nightclub.

The ban has been floated by left wing liberal MP John Buttercup. The chief of police, PC Snowflake has given support to the idea,

“We are continually reviewing security here in Rochdale. The fact anyone could just cover their face with a Santa beard, put on a red suit with a pillow down the front and just pull out a weapon from a large sack of so-called toys has uncovered a glaring loophole in security.”

“It could be anyone under that beard. You could hide any weapon under that costume. Santa is a security risk.”

The ban would be just as ridiculous as the Burkhini ban in France in Summer 2016. Rochdale are considering bans on joke shop Groucho Marx fake noses and glasses, Movember, Halloween costumes, wigs, hats and hooded tops.

Just in case.