A resident of East Lancashire village Potterby has said that he is furious that the government has ignored Potterby when allocating accommodation for Syrian refugees. 

Les Cockie, 63, a chicken analyst, said, “I am angry that the government has declined to billet any refugees here. We are just as picturesque as that place in Devon that gave 14 of them a great welcome and now I am denied my right to say that I don’t want them here, they’re not our problem and ‘kids? Just look at them, that one’s 38 if he’s a day’.” 

He added, “There’s plenty of room in the abandoned kennels by the sewage farm. I thought that they had sent one or two but it was just a couple of blokes working at Ali’s curry house. We call him Ali because his name’s hard to pronounce. He’s a great bloke, always up for a laugh, even if his lager’s shit. Anyway, they weren’t hurt too bad and they said they could see the funny side.”

Asaf Meah (Ali) was asked for a comment but he just sighed and gazed out of the window.