A new version of ‘Do they Know is Christmas?’ has been released in time for the Christmas number one top spot.

The track by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure is the latest of many releases for various good causes over the decades and this version is no exception;

“Just give us yer fuckin’ money” said Sir Bob Geldof in a recent tv appeal to buy the single.

“She’s an auld fuckin’ lady. She’s yer fuckin’ Queen. Would ya treat yas grandma’s like dat? Living in fuckin’ squalor? Would yas? Ya sick fucks. Just. Give. Me. Your. Fuckin’. Money.”

The track, which went on sale at 9.00am today, has already raised tens of pounds and features artists ranging from Adele to that Paul McCartney. 

If it does well in the charts then tax payers will only have to find the estimated £340 million to fund the remaining repairs to the palace.