The pie faced gravy rhyming bastard, who obtained Royal recognition for being good at throwing things made the comment after a series of ill judged drunken Tweets last night.

Within them he also stated that victims of child sex abuse aren’t ‘proper men like darts players’ and also referred to paedophiles as ‘puffs’.

He continued his 80’s themed rant by going on to describe veterans as ‘not proper men like rugby players’ and also accused holocaust victims of not being ‘proper men like darts players’.

He finished his bitter and chips induced tirade against anyone he deemed a ‘fairy’ and 3:17am with his final Tweet which said;

“Lol if I were bummed by Savile and I didn’t beat the fuck out of him years later then I’d hang my head in shame but that wouldn’t happen because I’m a proper man. I’m a darts player.”