The demise of Castro has triggered a dangerous standoff between East and West superpowers. 

Upon the news of the death of Castro shares in antique cigar collections rallied across the globe. This has affected the delicate power balance between the estate holders of Castro, Churchill and the Bill Clinton foundation, in whom the copyrighted trademark cigar features hugely in the image of the figure and image they represent.

The Churchill estate told us in a statement;

“Some cigars in our museum have gone missing and we believe people are putting them on the black market as original Castro-owned cigars. We have also been shown secret service aerial photography of shipments of boxes of Churchill branded cigars being sent to Cuba disguised as cigarettes. If true this constitutes an unacceptable breach of copyright. We call upon the Bill Clinton foundation to enforce a naval blockade to stop these contraband making it through to Cuban ports.”

The Bill Clinton foundation has yet to comment. However, due to their distinctive appearance, the exclusive Monica Lewinski approved “silverside snail track” cigars of the brand are not thought to be adversely affected.

The standoff is changing on an hourly basis and we’ll keep you updated on any new developments on the situation here at the Rochdale Herald.