In a documentary about the life and death of Freddie Mercury, which recently aired on the biffer TV network, Channel 5, it was pointed out that the legendary Queen frontman, whose birth name was Farrokh Bulsara, had Indian parents and was born in Zanzibar (now Tanzania).

Queen hit ‘We Will Rock You’ was a firm favourite at Britain First rallies and was regularly belted out to the tens of people in attendance.

One of the rally’s organisers, Ray Sist, said;

“I couldn’t believe it, I used to love Queen as well. I mean, how could he be a Muslim when he wasn’t even that brown? I thought he just had a nice tan, it makes no sense. I know one thing though, we ain’t playing that muslamic shite again, I’ll tell you that for nowt.”

Things then escalated in the comments section of Britain First’s Facebook page as the news spread like wild fire across its dedicated following of tiny brained, Daily Mail absorbing, grammatically challenged, inbred, six toed, bigoted fuckers.

“Ang on a miunit dose that meen the kween and the rest of the royels are azians to cos he was in kween want he?” Expressed one lobotomised, Katie Hopkins loving twat.

Whilst another, ‘Crusador Craig’, said;

“Weeve been stitched up royally. He was a puff as well you no!!!!!!!! Even tho he had a tash an wore lether he was a puff all along. Stop buying The Queen’s albums!!!!!
Stop buying Jeehad!!!!!!!!!”